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We specialize in affordable services for small to mid-size breweries including remote and onsite desktop services and brewery automation support. Today's breweries face a challenging IT environment. The pace at which technology is advancing is at an all-time high. New technology tools for breweries are being introduced daily, while performance and security in the digital age require constant vigilance. To stay competitive, businesses must adopt these new technologies while taking precautions to avoid critical performance and security breaches. Most brewery owners lack the time and expertise required to keep up-to-date on the rapidly changing technology that affects their growing business.

As experts in brewery Automation and IT, BrewTech has the skills and expertise to properly analyze, evaluate, and custom-tailor a strategy utilizing a variety of automation, network, management and support solutions.

Quality Matters

◾ View, manage, analyze brewery data from one, centralized location
◾ Stay up-to-date on what's happening at your brewery -- from anywhere!
◾ Enjoy real-time status control; develop dynamic and detailed reports
◾ We can help you integrate seamlessly with data sources from multiple vendors, databases and workstations
◾ We can quickly develop and modify applications; they are extremely flexible and highly cost-effective
◾ Our support is high quality and efficient: Your one-stop shop for Brewery Automation and Technology

Today's breweries, cideries, distilleries and wineries face a challenging IT environment. The pace at which technology is advancing is at an all-time high. Our comprehensive list of services has been developed based on over ten years of actual client needs. From network installation and support, cloud services, reporting alarming and more, we offer affordable and scalable solutions to help you achieve your business goals. With ongoing exchange of ideas, we can ensure our services align with your business objectives. Your success is our success.


Current Customers


Errin Love

Co-Founder, Mother Earth Brew Co.

For more than three years, BrewTech has provided networking, file shares, and remote access for our California and Idaho locations. The comprehensive services we have include phone system, cloud based storage and set up of added equipment. The BrewTech staff is always ready to provide support when there are tech problems. They respond quickly and professionally to those inevitable issues businesses face with technology. Thank you Greg, Matt and team for helping us grow.

Jason Danderand

Tasting Room Manager, Mother Earth Tap House

BrewTech’s setup has made my job so much easier as a tasting room manager. With them directly setting up shared drives on our network, we have been able to access documents that we know are the proper version. Prior to, we never knew who was on the right version or not. It really made our lives difficult, updating one version, having to go back to another one. Before they set us up with a customized phone system, we couldn’t get to our phones in time and now that we can, we can answer our phones; and our sales staff can actually access reports they need on their phones as well.

Rick Moreno

Founder, Newtopia Cyder

The reason I chose BrewTech is for their ability to help me automate my cellar farm, but more , it gave me one person to actually work with to take care of all my IT: all of my wifi, all of my “VPNing” into my system remotely, all of my fermentation automation. So, it is more of a pro-active approach that BrewTech has helped me with so that we could streamline this entire process.